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Our Mission:
At Healthy Mental, we're all about raising health awareness (4 The Cause) and encouraging others to live their best lives right now by prioritizing mental and physical health.


Our Method:
Studies have shown that self expression through fashion has a major impact on one's mental health. With that in mind we've segmented our tees into 3 different collections, each centered around the most effective methods of encouragement. 
Wake up (Affirmation)  Work out (Motivation) & Walk By Faith (Inspiration)!


Our Story:
Healthy Mental Apparel Co. Founder and CEO Randall Crowder is a proud native of Marshville, North Carolina and HBCU Alumni (Fayetteville State University).
This husband, father and church planter's life mission is to inspire others, so in 2019 he decided to prioritize his health and lose weight. After 12 month of
waking up, working out & WALKING BY FAITH, he lost 75 lbs. and inspired dozens of his friends and family to join him on his health journey.
he wants to inspire the world with his story and promote health & cultural awareness through Healthy Mental Apparel Co.
If this story resonates with you and you're ready to prioritize your health then 
Join The Healthy Mental Movement Today!



Wake up. Work out. WALK BY FAITH!

It's more than a motto, it's a lifestyle.

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